A tingle of chemistry

soul's voice

There is someone for each of us, and maybe we should listen to the breeze, or be more open to those subtle moments, or maybe we should be brave and say “Hello”.

However we find love, our soulmate, our friend we must be able to allow them to find us too because if we let our souls go on that romance trek then we must also allow our feelings their freedom to show who we are and so let our colours merge to paint a tingle of chemistry.


of soul
whose elegant
vibrations of air
reach in
to touch

I breathe
your cruelty
to find
a desire for her touch
vibrating within
my empty soul.

Vibration of soul is…

vibration of soul


quiver of leaf

flash of kingfisher

joy of raindrop

creak of tree

sound of sorrow

tinkle of stream

seep of mist

rumble of thunder

sigh of snowflake

beauty of mountain

noise of pain

smile of sunrise

drift of breeze

innocence of child

shwah of surf

natter of bird

 colour of fear

moment of sunset

touch of love

scent of earth

 release of death

crunch of pebble

sway of flower

expanse of night

thought of peace

passage of time

sight of rainbow

squelch of mud

tickle of happiness

sheen of skin

freedom of barefoot

delight of taste

song of life

zest of nature

silence of silence


vibration of soul