Vampyre tea

A rich cup of tea
sits beside me
the teabag turning the water red
almost as if it can feel the pain in my arm
where the vampyre puntcured me like an old tyre
spawned bruises

honey makes a difference
it sweetens the ache
allows me to dream


The Darkness

Terror and fright
creatures of the night.

The Darkness.

Nightfall waits for this albino of death
***who slumbers without a living breath
******her white skin and bone
*********glow in the darkness like foam
************while she waits for one
***************to feed upon.

Her stone cold tomb
she calls her home.

Within the Darkness.

Homeward you will with the wind dead still,
***but the darkness frees the breath of the trees
******that sway and roll and wake with a howl
*********the lady that lies with bloodless eyes.

Wooden fingers creak
in the forest of bleak.

Stirring, in the Darkness.

Bleakly you tread as the cold hand of dread
***creeps along your skin as the castle of ruin
******appears on your left with the moon doing its best
*********to break through the shroud of darkness and cloud.

Step up your pace
she’ll give you a race.

Wild whisperings, in the Darkness.

Racing along with the wind in your hair
***she swoops and she dives without a care
******this way and that way you dodge and you duck
*********she’s on your tail she’s catching you up
************run for your life while there’s blood in your veins
***************or she’ll have you and kiss you and drive you insane.

In the Darkness.

Night Feast

Silver starlight pin-pricks the sky
crystal cold light dazzles the eye.

Shadows sneak passed painting them black
they’re searching for a blood-filled snack.

The twinkling deceives as you watch them flicker
the night time show has your eyes darting quicker.

A soundless shadow grows larger as it dives
the dark hungry silence has you mesmerized.

The light show has ended, the shadow is here
you flee but too late as it growls a red sneer.

With quicksilver wings
the night feast begins