Just another shade of sleep

Pittering it sings
its tiny popcorn popping song

It draws my attention
as sunshine blasts through each drop
to brighten and lengthen the white sunset

Looking to the left
I see a blue of desire
and a grey suffocation

In the middle distance
there is the mist of overwhelm
edging closer to my window

I look once more to the left
and see the blue is miserable
a failed blue, a blue unwanted
a blue neglected

There above now
are the masters of conceal
dark, rapid and unconscious
of blue
and blue is now just another shade
of sleep.

Silence as the rain stops
the mist clears
the birds sing
and even the masters change their hue
and lo, there in the distance
a field of green brighter than spring’s fashion
courting the eye
but blue, she sleeps fatigued
by her unconsummated desires.


Guardian angel, soul, spirit or ?

This morning I was quite late getting up for work (luckily I made it in time), my alarm goes off at 4am then 4.05 and 4.10. Generally I get up on the last alarm but this morning I fell asleep again and slept till 4.40! and I have to be in at 5 :-/

Now, what made me wake at 4.40 and not sleep till 6 or later (ah what a thought!)? As I get up every work day at 4.10 it is ingrained in my body clock to naturally wake but not this morning and as I have been quite tired these past weeks I reckon my clock thought it would give me a rest.

Anyhow, the reason for this rather strange blog post is that this morning at 4.40 I woke, not by my own body clock but by a voice somewhere in my mind.

It was a lady’s voice and it said “Martin, come on Martin.”

I was puzzled but dashed out of bed, said thank you to whoever it was, and so the day began.

What I want to know is, where did the voice come from and who was it?

On the way to work I noticed it was a full moon and sometimes these full moons do affect me which was probably the reason I overslept. But doubtful it was the moon speaking!

So who was it?

I have heard my name called before in my mind but that was while I was awake and as a rule I don’t hear anything (or see anything) in my mind anyhow so I’m perplexed but thankful for a “friend”.