Skin of you

How the skin of you feels when you smile
is the same as how the skin of me feels when I smile.

We are the same you and I, our skin is One.

Something so small as a smile can create a whole universe of love
so let’s smile more and bring humanity together with love for all peoples.

Right now

let your mind drift
to that first moment
you felt love

hold that thought
and smile in the warmth
tingling your skin

right now


… feel
the temptation to seduce
and to be seduced

feel that tingle of slowness
surrounding your skin

inhale the moment
allow it to inhabit your beat

allow it to seduce your mind
into believing you are free

…  feel
your skin
and the moisture between your fingers

feel the slowness of time
kissing your soul

inhale and exhale
touch the essence of, passion

allow it to seduce you
allow it your freedom

… feel
the vibration of life
tremble inside your heart

between your fingers
your toes, your thighs, your