Oh virgin time

Maybe it’s true
that there are such blessings
when once there appeared none

This shadow
this hanging thread of time
this beguile
relinquished its vanity
to reveal its truth
that there are such blessings
such fantastic landscapes
built upon snow
where moments are yet to be discovered
where time is fresh
from its labours
and where
where shadows recede
to reveal the beginnings of uncertainty

Oh virgin time
melt away
melt away
to reveal the spring.

Love’s trusting peace

How the sun gives birth to shadow
How the stars give birth to night
How the trees give birth to beauty
and this soul gives birth to life

The jigsaw path within the forest
is there created by both light and shadow
See how beautiful are the leaves
as their autumn shades of death and rebirth fall
to begin a new picture of life’s journey
as the trees reach up towards the stars of love’s trusting peace

Oh how this life is so easily birthed
Oh how it fights to breathe
Oh how the shadows from the sun
embrace this thing within …

… my eternal dying flame