Fear is here
fear is there
fear is around us

Fear is yours
and fear is mine
fear is inside us
counting the time.

Fear can slay us
fear can crush us
fear will help to
squash us and push us.

Fear for this
and fear for that
fear just wants to
pull till you snap.

Fear is frightened
fear is scared
fear can show us
how problems are shared.

Fear is only
as big as you let it
fear will help you
be strong and forget it.

Fear is wise
fear is smart
fear is inside
your soul and your heart.

Fear is only
the tool of your mind
fear will help you
be strong and unwind

Fear will promise
fear will cry
fear will listen
when you stand up and try.

Fear will shrivel
and fear will hide
fear will go running
to a place far outside.


This was originally posted here on September 24th 2011. (edited)


Rise and Fall

The gentle rise
and softly fall
of little black
up in the blue

up it goes
to catch a wisp
a gift to give
to earthly mist

Dancing within
the clouds so high
little black
has a privileged eye

looking down
upon the earth
she opens her heart
a song to birth

Oh poor butterfly
who cannot reach
such grace and waltz
of little black’s feat

yet here she is
with all her might
to create the clouds
for little black’s flight

Up up they fly
these little wishes
in a grand escape
from flowery dishes

some are caught
and some set free
to realms of magic
where lives mystery