It’s here! Proof copy, cover reveal.

The proof copy of my latest book has just arrived. The cover is more or less how I wanted it with it being a tad off focus, so I’m happy with it, although the grey could be a bit more grey, bit darker perhaps but screen grey and book grey do differ. Overall I like it and I’ve gone for a matte finish instead of the gloss.

Now I just need to read through and read through again, and even though I’ve read it so many times in Word and printouts I do tend to find blips in book form, but fingers crossed it’ll be ok. Aaaaand I’ve already found two items that need to be changed, grrrr haha, so it certainly won’t be ready until next year!

It’s a short story of roughly 9,000 words with poetic feelings. I’ve been calling it my Surreal, Elemental, Spiritual, Love Story. It concerns a man with his search for that mysterious elemental fragrance of life and love. We are at the end and the beginning of his transformations, his awakening, and his first steps into becoming a Listener – an Earth Angel, although as he says to a mother and daughter on a train when the daughter asks if he is one.

“There are many different kinds of Earth Angel and it isn’t our name or what we are, but it’s the closest to how we are.”

Pregnant with Death – New Book

Here it is! The proof copy of my new book has arrived and I have to say I love the cover.

The title is a tad on the dark side but it encompasses the contents as well as the cover. More on this another time as the book isn’t quite ready yet, hopefully before the end of the month. Bit more editing to do.

I just wanted to show it, couldn’t resist as I do love the cover.


I created it by talking a photo of the back of my hand (the original title of the book was going to be Veins) and then altered it using Photoshop and that is how it came out, just wonderful.

Almost ready, proof ordered!

A quick update on my new book of poetry.

I’ve uploaded the pdf, the cover images and played about with the cover maker on Lulu. It did say however that my image might not print as expected, something to do with frame rate :/ but I’ve read that others have gone ahead and printed and it’s come out fine so I’ll wait and see as I’ve just ordered a proof copy 😀

So fingers crossed that I’ll soon be anouncing the new book and a competition (although I said this the last time with Broken Roses and forgot!).

It carries on, in a way, from Broken Roses and hopefully it runs neat from dark to light, or lightish hehe and also I have it so it’s kind of cicular.

And it’s called … hmmm not yet 😀


An update on the new book.

Manuscript uploaded and cover images created. I’m rather happy with the cover and as the new collection of poetry is on the dark side the cover reflects this.

I’m not going to give the title yet, not until I have the proof copy in my hand and I’ve had a good look at it.

That’s all for now.

Thanks for reading and thanks for buying my books.