Kissed by your feet


In love with a traffic warden
with your slow walk of grace
and how you appear where I am not
and I appear where you are not
and then we both appear
to glance where we are not
looking at what we are doing
but at each other
and there with your grace
you stir my thoughts into a whirlpool of thoughts
but do I stir yours
or am I simply a blip on your radar
just a momentary glance before
you slow walk
along the concrete
which is being heated by the sun
kissed by your feet
and glanced at by your eyes
and away to the distance you go
where tin boxes receive the fullness
of your attentions
and the concrete is kissed by your feet

Ode to Beddgelert

Shall we wander beneath a paper rip sky
where mountains sit silent and wait?

Hold out your fingers and trace the line
before dusk falls to rub it all out.

Walk down the path to hear fast river’s song
where children chase tiddlers
with nets then skim stones

Sit on the bench beneath a paper rip sky
where mountains have scraped and torn.

Smile to the birds as they soar and they dance
before settling in trees where they croon.

See ice cream shop with its myriad tastes
where grownups chase memories
with devout insatiate.

Stand on the bridge beneath a paper rip sky
where mountains loom bold with power.

Watch daredevils climb then hang, jump or dive
before scrambling to a soft dry towel.

Wander along to Llewelyn’s remorse
where Gelert’s faithful act
with the wolf brought wrong thought.

Stroll along now beneath a paper rip sky
where mountains look down to Beddgelert.

Remember this place in the morning light
before driving on home a convert.