Candle evolution

I wanted to feel its creation.

It only lasted the short time
until the wax
to reveal the truth of art
for art is born of darkness
in the cold reaches of mystery
where myth blends with reality
and where imagination’s atoms
shiver in perpetual flights of expired

I wanted to understand.

Rise and Fall

The gentle rise
and softly fall
of little black
up in the blue

up it goes
to catch a wisp
a gift to give
to earthly mist

Dancing within
the clouds so high
little black
has a privileged eye

looking down
upon the earth
she opens her heart
a song to birth

Oh poor butterfly
who cannot reach
such grace and waltz
of little black’s feat

yet here she is
with all her might
to create the clouds
for little black’s flight

Up up they fly
these little wishes
in a grand escape
from flowery dishes

some are caught
and some set free
to realms of magic
where lives mystery

The darkness of night’s embrace


Beak full
skipping through daisies and buttercups
the blackbird hurries along
till it reaches the spread of green
beneath mottled clouds
beneath the blue
of distant time

and there in the shadows
he rests and imagines himself an owl
sailing through the night
with silent wings
seducing the air with soft caresses
of feathered kisses
in the darkness of night’s embrace

and there
beneath the comfort of green’s sanctuary
he peeks out at the distant blue
with only a beak of orange giving him away
and there
off he goes
to fill his beak once more
to feed his children not only worms and caterpillars
but tales of mystery and imagination
of owls and the beauty of life

and there
as they drift off to sleep

whoo hoooo
whoo hoooo

in the distance
of their dreams
beneath the comfort of green’s sanctuary