With only these little creations, you make me smile

With only a simple little lift
of the corner of your mouth

With only the smallest of smallest
of little crinkles
in the corners of your eyes

With only a nothing of nothingness
the tiniest nothing of you as you glance
oh so impossibly
silent like the breath of a roaring leopardess

With only these minute ephemeral creations of you
you make me smile
you make my heart melt
you make me wonder at the wonder of it all
but most of all, you make me smile

because you are Lily, my Granddaughter
and I love you x

What’s in the box?


Here, let me show you 🙂

book 294 book 295


Yes I have published a collection of my Little Thoughts.

I have self-published through Lulu.com

I have edited some and added a good handful
of new and unpublished Little Thoughts.

Now Lulu seemed very confusing to me at first
until, that is, assistance appeared in the form
of my very, very good friend, Diane M. Denton
who also helped with the editing.

(Please visit Diane’s site for lovely art and exquisite poetry.
Her Novel ‘A House Near Luccoli’ is literary historical fiction set in Genoa
imagining an intimacy with the 17th century composer. Alessandro Stradella.)

My wonderful, wonderful, lovely friend, Sarah Whiteley
gave me the encouragement, and still does,
to get off my backside and get something into print.

(Please visit Sarah’s site for her beautiful poetry and stunning photography.
Her first chapbook No Direction But Home
is worth every second of time spent reading it.)


I would like to thank everyone who has been with me
since I started writing poetry in August 2011

If you could see the smile on my face as I type these words

“I did it! I finally did it!”

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.