Buds of truth

We sometimes find ourselves
lost in a conundrum of dreams

We wander
we ponder, we peruse
and then we wonder why
and how and when, etc, etc
till our minds are so full
of bullshit we begin sprouting
young saplings of thought
all kinds of new ideas and ideologies
pychologies and philosophies
poems, songs, words and dreams.

Some kind of
implosion/explosion occurs
where we become trapped
in the void of unknowing
where the needle is stuck
and the world around us lets us go
and on and on we go
believing that if we reach
we can touch the sky.

Our feet are rooted in bullshit
our hearts, skin, blood and bone
get their nourishment from that gloop
our minds
strive to make sense of the loss
and here, our souls
they are the buds of truth
waiting for us to stop
and to believe
that the only way to reach the sky
is to know we are the sky.

Love’s nightingales

Shadows do not diminish
when the sun’s bloom wilts
they merely fade into themselves
; chameleons of this butterfly world

White it shines
as it flits
landing almost
a kiss
almost an enchantment
upon solitude
upon memory

Songs, dreams and soft thoughts
these butterflies do not diminish
they are love’s nightingales
; a kind of paradise

shine through
silent awakenings
to land, perhaps
upon a kiss
upon a
spark of magic
to whisper
… to paint

How is it you do not diminish
is it because your butterfly heart
echoes this fragile beat of mine
; glass, stained

I have tree sap in my veins


I have tree sap in my veins
Rainwater in my tears
My spirit plays with thunderous joy
as the sunshine in my soul

and as petals of love
open and sway
a fragrant caress
comes my way

I have tree sap in my veins
Lightning in my heart
My bones ache for the grind to ease
as the vision in my sight

and as the night
makes way for day
a haunting feeling
comes my way

I have tree sap in my veins
Birdsong in my brain
My skin teeters on the edge of time
as the moonlight in my shadow

and as sleepy waves
roll over my clay
I close my eyes
to dream of the day


To be loved


… folded into your smile
falling into your heart
flying deep into your soul …

Is this a witchcraft
Is this a sunburst
Is this nothing but a crease in time

… how soft the wind blows between us
how sweet the fragrance of our moments
how sultry is the air after the rain …

Is this a dance
Is this a thunderstorm
Is this nothing but a forest fire of emotion

Is this a dream
Is this a dream
Is this nothing but a dream of wishful thinking

where nothing is real
where you are yet to be found
where to be loved by each single petal of your spirit’s flowering

is but an eternity away
for you are yet to be found
for you are nowhere
and yet
there are times when the trees
embrace me
when the sunrise
kisses me
when the moon
enchants me
and when the very air
seduces me

… I’m wishing it was you
wherever you are
and whoever you are …

I’m wishing it was you

Poetic malaise

Oh beauty you are but a petal in my existence
how you dance in my path as you fall to float ‘pon gentle morn’s kiss
how you fall to float ‘pon the rippled calm of serenity
Oh but the tree the leaf the flower and thee are so very similar don’t you see?

Oh how the sands of time desire to soak up these longing tears of mine
and so become a castle amongst the stars

Oh this pained passion of poetry how it seeps from within
how the words wish to speak to say what is inside
how they ache to belong to you
Oh how I ache to taste the wine within your soul

Oh Passion Lust Desire, Water Earth Wind & Fire all combine to create the eighth veil
of which there is no name until we feel it

Oh the sadness of an empty glass where all that is left is the memory of taste
how my fingers are lost without yours
how my soul is empty without yours
Oh how my poetry is useless without you

and yet
this solitude is mine
and yet
how my soul aches to believe …

On a spoon of hope is my heart’s beat waiting for you to take a sip
and feel me within you always
and so
my darling
let my ears be kissed by your heart’s song
let my soul be melted and reformed as us
let my poetic malaise be tempered by your smile
let my solitude be but a petal dancing in my path
to fall to float ‘pon gentle morn’s kiss
to fall to float ‘pon the rippled calm of serenity

… and to smile in the love of which exists only in my dreams!

The darkness of night’s embrace


Beak full
skipping through daisies and buttercups
the blackbird hurries along
till it reaches the spread of green
beneath mottled clouds
beneath the blue
of distant time

and there in the shadows
he rests and imagines himself an owl
sailing through the night
with silent wings
seducing the air with soft caresses
of feathered kisses
in the darkness of night’s embrace

and there
beneath the comfort of green’s sanctuary
he peeks out at the distant blue
with only a beak of orange giving him away
and there
off he goes
to fill his beak once more
to feed his children not only worms and caterpillars
but tales of mystery and imagination
of owls and the beauty of life

and there
as they drift off to sleep

whoo hoooo
whoo hoooo

in the distance
of their dreams
beneath the comfort of green’s sanctuary