The discovery of you

The discovery of you is an illusion

The finding
where you rest before the sunrise
as darkness
a shadow yet to be

mist evaporates from you
from my eyes
to reveal
your exquisite rise and fall
inhale, exhale

and there, you see
is where blindness strikes me
for as you smile
you remove the sun
which shatters the magic

I walk away
to my own falling, failing
as a glance behind
sees flowers growing at your feet
sunrise kissing your hair

a heartbeat
an apprehensive, step
a breathing
of pain
a mirage

never to be kissed


In this cocoon
I shield myself
from both darkness and the light

I shrink away
from all those, things
which suffer me to sight

I close my heart
my desires too
for what reasons I cannot say

I know your eyes
I’ve felt your heart
but here inside is a monstrous fay

A dewy rose of innocence
your soul of shade and shine
tempts this broken gate to avow

… but I am rusted to the bone


Some say the burn is necessary
but I beg to differ.

Those rising feelings
when someone is on your mind.
Do they really mean to be there
or are they an excess of Dickens’s cheese?

Will you wake to find the burn
has melted your toasted thoughts
to reveal nothing but a corruption
of moldy imagination?

Of course there is that smile
and those eyes
that fabric touch
and the dancing soft-footed perfume
which as a whole burns holes
but really, do we need it?

That fire
and yet …


of soul
whose elegant
vibrations of air
reach in
to touch

I breathe
your cruelty
to find
a desire for her touch
vibrating within
my empty soul.

The discord

A voice of sawdust
swallows the night

A touch of barbed-wire
awakens the imagination

A feel of smiling pain
softens the heart

What is it, that brings forth
such visuals?

I can only say
for me
it is the discord
along the spine of my thoughts

The discord of
not being here

Just another shade of sleep

Pittering it sings
its tiny popcorn popping song

It draws my attention
as sunshine blasts through each drop
to brighten and lengthen the white sunset

Looking to the left
I see a blue of desire
and a grey suffocation

In the middle distance
there is the mist of overwhelm
edging closer to my window

I look once more to the left
and see the blue is miserable
a failed blue, a blue unwanted
a blue neglected

There above now
are the masters of conceal
dark, rapid and unconscious
of blue
and blue is now just another shade
of sleep.

Silence as the rain stops
the mist clears
the birds sing
and even the masters change their hue
and lo, there in the distance
a field of green brighter than spring’s fashion
courting the eye
but blue, she sleeps fatigued
by her unconsummated desires.


A swarm of sunlight

A swarm of sunlight
from a crack in the fluid grey
strikes the surface

One after the other
each particle of light
stings my eyes

Looking up I see trees bending
as the clouds rush on by
temporarily closing the door

My eyes hold the ghosts
and as the wind whistles its darting song
the swarm returns to burn through

Distance and time
reveals itself in the smallest of moments
when we feel the heat

Maybe the darkness
intensifies the desire
of and for the buzz