always time to breathe

of continuance

of course there is always time
always time to breathe
even if that breathing is tight
tingly and cold

and that’s when it hits me

I’m watching the rain
listening to the patterings
seeing the grey morning clouds stir
hearing the moans of a thousand souls in the wind
feeling the silence of her tears

of her tears
longing to evaporate into joy
but on this cold cold day
she can do nothing but cry

and I can do nothing
but think of continuance
and climbing that hill
hoping I can still breathe when I reach the top

of course there is always time
to breathe
and if not her tears will fall
to evporate into joy
and I shall join the wind chorus

although you won’t like my song.


An update on the new book.

Manuscript uploaded and cover images created. I’m rather happy with the cover and as the new collection of poetry is on the dark side the cover reflects this.

I’m not going to give the title yet, not until I have the proof copy in my hand and I’ve had a good look at it.

That’s all for now.

Thanks for reading and thanks for buying my books.