Being Human: My second book of little thoughts is on sale now :)


Hello everyone, it is a very happy day today. I took delivery of my new collection of little thoughts, which includes …

If a butterfly can change the weather
then our smiles can change the world

Deep in the twin souls of one
is where shadows go to become the sun

Freedom comes from loving what is

The book is available to buy here at where you’ll also find my first book, Silence Happens, which includes …

As a leaf falls, know this Earth is not ours

When in pain, think of the reason
for this could be the cure

Skin talks in colour
when it should talk in love


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Thank you! 😀

My first book signing event!


Well, how about this!

I’m a cleaner at Tettenhall College and yesterday I had a total surprise. I was asked by a work mate if I would sign a copy of my book for him. He wanted a photo of the occasion and asked if I could do it in the library as it would be a good setting.

Well, when I got there they had a table set up with this waiting for me!

book 296


Now I was already a little scared or worried about signing because I’d never done something like that before but to have this appear before me was like AAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH! But in a nice scary exciting way 😀

It all went rather well but I must say my signature started nice then slowly got all wonky and then totally shot with nerves ha ha! But I thoroughly enjoyed it as you can see from these photographs of pupils, teachers, librarians and the headmaster 🙂

IMG_1729 martin 4 martin 11 martin 14 martin 7 martin 13 martin 3

So how about that!!!


(The majority of the photos here were taken by my mate and photographer Lee Lawton)