Pool on the sill

I hear it’s November
but the rains sound the same

The birds, I hear
and see as they drink from puddles

I hear my radiators
clicking, groaning
so it must be a chilly November
but it all feels the same

I see it’s grey out there
and suddenly the birds are silent
as I watch dribbling condensation
pool on the sill

I swim in that pool
and feel a tremendous hankering
to evaporate.

Time to breathe

awake early
back to bed with a coffee

opening curtains
gold oozes
a volcano on the horizon

with coffee and Stevenson’s travels
propped with flat pillows
I read only to find myself wandering
into Thursday’s revelation

volcano is doused
gilded fields become leaden

I return to the book
finish the coffee
look at my peace lily and smile
as I notice the surfaces need dusting
a little like me

white light now blinds through my windows
fields are green
birdsong tickles the air

Time to breathe

Included in my book, ‘Broken Roses’, 2018

Available from My Author Page at Lulu.com

The crow dawn dance

As mist escapes the clutches of the night
feeling its way through branches of time
see how it comes alive
to the sound of the crow dawn dance

Oh listen to the cawing
as they burst through the mist
see their swirls of song erupt
in magnificent trails of flight

Listen to them now
shaking the dew from their wings
as they dance the crow dawn dance
wingtip stroking wingtip

Oh the noise
the beautiful noise
as they soar above treetops
with their voices scratching away morning chill

The sound of the crow dawn dance
echoes in the distance
fading like the mist

Oh they’ll be back tomorrow

Included in my book, ‘After the Rain’, 2017

Available from My Author Page at Lulu.com