Candle evolution

I wanted to feel its creation.

It only lasted the short time
until the wax
to reveal the truth of art
for art is born of darkness
in the cold reaches of mystery
where myth blends with reality
and where imagination’s atoms
shiver in perpetual flights of expired

I wanted to understand.

After all that rain

After all that rain
all this …
I wake to see art.

Sitting here
with the clocks back an hour
I’m in bed with a coffee.

That bright ball of wool
is being tugged along
by cosmic cats
leaving its fluffy warmth
to permeate the sodden
storm-filled cloak.

Mist curls to chase
the mewing
only to lose substance and fade.

Art remains
to seize the day
and obliterate the night.


Hello everyone!

I’ve not been on WordPress for a while, work has been rather hectic and tiring these past couple of months. I have plenty of your email posts to catch up with too!

Now, you may be wondering what W.O.L.F stands for in the title. Let me shed some light and give you some exciting and also terrifying news too.

My home town of Wolverhampton is hosting its first ever literature festival on Friday 27th January to Sunday 29th January 2017 and it’s called:

Wolverhampton Original Literature Festival

I was asked if I would like to read some of my poetry and I must say I was rather apprehensive but I said yes! So on Saturday the 28th January 2017 at 4.15pm me and four other writers are sharing a two hour slot and we’ll each have about 20 minutes reading time.

It’s a really exciting thing to be a part of but also I am quite terrified about it all! I’ve got a headache just thinking about it but I want to do it, I reckon it will be fun 🙂

This is where it’s happening and the other four performers: Arun Kapur, Abda Khan, Romalyn Ante and Sabbi Kaur

YIKES! And I thought Open Mic Nights in my local pub were scary!

Chandelier reflections

I’ve had my second book signing today and while I was waiting I wrote a poem about the atmosphere and the arena of it all. I was there with the kindness of Sarah Stokes who said I could come along to her Art Show and set up a table. Thank you.

Chandelier reflections
echo their light
upon the distant window
as polished floors
soak up their warmth

This nervous poet shivers a little
; there is a chill in the air
as the open doors
allow the oncoming winter’s breath
to seep into his toes
and up to his pen-holding fingers

Laughter from the room beyond
warms him as watercolour moments
are re-painted upon the eyes and minds
of the viewing public

His hat rests behind him above his scarf
calling to be worn
as a headache looms in the shadows …
see here
he is now within the laughter and watercolours
where a mulled wine is offered
and gratefully accepted

Creaking floorboards
echo their weight
upon the footfalls and smiles
as sunlit art
soaks up the atmosphere

This nervous poet
shivers a little …

And now a little later in the afternoon I looked around and something stirred; it was my pen again and so I began to write haiku for the paintings.

Sarah is an extraordinarily gifted lady whose watercolours are … well, see for yourself

Owl flight splashes bold
upon a canvas of pure
Graceful & Silent


Alert green-eyed stare
feline beauty, pounce ready


Wolf, ripped from the wild
snows of imagination
Hungry for your touch


Red-breasted eye sees
from its unblinking vision
Depth of painted soul


Strutting proud and loud
tail feathers erect, sublime
Dancing dusts of life


Golden eyes, rivet
your attention from the dark
Windswept & Coal-faced


Kisses from a child
upon equine’s mighty head
A moment of trust


Watchful ears, raised in
personified readiness
Twitching whiskers, taste


He looks up and waits
with love in his eager eyes
Spirit of friendship


Swimming through the white
golden scales wing through the blue
An apparition


Please do visit Sarah’s website and her Facebook page

All images are copyright Sarah Stokes (c) 2013