My Published Works

  1. Jack’s Leg (short story) ~ in Orbit, Writer’s Circle Anthology 2000
  2. The Machine (short story) ~ in Orbit, Writer’s Circle Anthology 2000
  3. Night Feast ~ in Khrizma, issue 3 (small press magazine) September 2006
  4. The Darkness ~ in Khrizma, issue 3 (small press magazine) September 2006
  5. Oh Christmas ~ in the Express & Star’s letters page, December 2006
  6. Two’s Company, One’s A Cloud ~ in First Time poetry magazine, issue 59, 2010
  7. Christmas ~ in my local parish magazine, December 2010
  8. Virgin Earth ~ in What The Dickens online magazine, issue 1, December 2011
  9. Unborn Child ~ in ‘Hiding in the Pub to Cutting the Cord?’, Nine Arches Press, May 2012
  10. Silence ~ in Louffa Press (Chessstories) online magazine, June 2012
  11. Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Wrongly Named (short story) ~ in The Art of Deduction, MX Publishing, 2013
  12. One poem – in The dVerse Anthology: Voices of Contemporary World Poetry August 2013
  13. Silence Happens – My first book of Little Thoughts, November 2013 (New edition, 12 August 2018)
  14. Being Human – My second book of Little Thoughts, May 2015 (New edition, 12 August 2018)
  15. After the Rain – My first book of poetry, April 2017 (New edition, 2nd September 2018)
  16. Three poems in Indra’s Net: An International Anthology of Poetry in aid of The Book Bus, published by Bennison Books, 12th July 2017
  17. Broken Roses – My second book of poetry, 17th September 2018
  18. A New Sunrise – My third book of Little Thoughts, 19th September 2018
  19. Pregnant with Death – My third book of poetry, 13th June 2019
  20. so the spider hamgs – My first short story, 10th January 2021

9 thoughts on “My Published Works

  1. Congratulations on your wonderful list of publications, Martin. And thanks so much for mentioning Indra’s Net – the profits from which are going to the brilliant charity The Book Bus. Your contribution to this international collection ranks with the very best of those selected for inclusion. Thanks again. πŸ™‚

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