Hello and welcome to ‘A gap in the clouds‘ where you’ll find poetry, short stories and sometimes little poetic thoughts.

I write whatever I’m feeling or whatever I’m given. I write for me, but they are also for you so I hope you enjoy them. Please translate my poems in any way you feel, read them as if they are yours, see in them whatever you want, make of them what you will.

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My Self-Published Books

Published through Lulu


  • After the Rain – 2017
  • Broken Roses – 2018
  • Pregnant with Death – 2019

Little Thoughts of Life, Nature, Peace, Freedom & Love

  • Silence Happens – 2013
  • Being Human – 2015
  • A New Sunrise – 2018

Short Story

  • so the spider hangs – 2021





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93 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Martin, as often as I have visited, I believe this is the first time to read your hello page. I must say I am amazed to find such a kindred spirit. I find few who would understand that I write as much as it is given to me, without regard to whether it fits some preconceived notion of style or meter. I write because I can…….and it is here for whomever finds it, needs it, loves it. Thank you for helping me to see that I am not the only one is probably called crazy! ❤

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