a fragment of spring

… he sits feeling the warmth of the spring breeze. A chaos of midgies hover near the edge; some are caught in a cobweb as mallards float along, birds hidden in the trees make themselves known and little buds begin their openings.

All these goings on are disturbed by the noise of a chugging barge churning the silt. A magpie swoops to the other bank to peck at something in the grass and there a moorhen comes out from the dark overhang. The magpie does a little dance and is gone as a another barge comes along in the wake of those returning mallards.

It’s quiet now but for nature’s song. The magpie returns with its mate pecking and tugging with hungry abandon, and there they’re off to the trees.

He sits trying with all his will to feel to engage with all this beauty but of course he fails. He’s not a part of this, he’s merely an observer and this saddens him …


Just one little smile

Smiles are contagious, and one little smile
can illuminate and cause a whole avalanche of smiles
Also, one smile can show us the way to unseen possibilities within us.

Just one little smile.

Silence Happens

When I walk along my local canal I sometimes head up along the old railway track which, in part, goes through Smestow Valley Nature Reserve. I usually see little footpaths skirting away here and there and always thought to wander along them one day.

I didn’t intend to go very far today because I wanted to write and so I started off by having a cup of coffee at Cupcake Lane tearoom which is a new place along the railway situated in the old station building. I took my book out to read for a while and when I’d finished my coffee I had a feeling to go for a walk instead so I packed it all away and off I went.

I am very glad I did because I found a place which sums up one of my little quotes from my first self-published book, Silence Happens, available here; “Silence happens, because the Earth needs to breathe“. It was really very peaceful and next time I visit there I shall take my camera instead of using my phone, although I think the photos have come out not too bad for a camera phone 🙂

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