Silence Happens

When I walk along my local canal I sometimes head up along the old railway track which, in part, goes through Smestow Valley Nature Reserve. I usually see little footpaths skirting away here and there and always thought to wander along them one day.

I didn’t intend to go very far today because I wanted to write and so I started off by having a cup of coffee at Cupcake Lane tearoom which is a new place along the railway situated in the old station building. I took my book out to read for a while and when I’d finished my coffee I had a feeling to go for a walk instead so I packed it all away and off I went.

I am very glad I did because I found a place which sums up one of my little quotes from my first self-published book, Silence Happens, available here; “Silence happens, because the Earth needs to breathe“. It was really very peaceful and next time I visit there I shall take my camera instead of using my phone, although I think the photos have come out not too bad for a camera phone 🙂

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