7 thoughts on “Blossom into being

  1. Martin, I’m finally caught up with you…. forgive me for getting so far behind. (Was ill for several months.)
    This latest poem is beautiful (as is the photo) and I love all the previous ones! After reading them one by one just now it seems they’d be wonderful together in a new book…? Are you by chance working on one?

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    1. Thank you. Betty. It’s good to see you here. I’m sorry you were ill and hopefully you’re over it.

      I wasn’t thinking of a new book (but who knows eh :)). My poetry had left me recently for a while for some reason or other, no connection I guess but I managed a little something with the autumn poem the other day.

      I am in the process of turning my book After the Rain into an ebook but it’s slow going.

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      1. I understand about poetry leaving us – my muse sometimes disappears for months at a time. Glad you were inspired recently, Martin.
        Oh, and your lovely book, After the Rain is nearby – I still like to pick it up and open it at random to a poem or two. 🙂


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