Sonnets and Photoshop

A quick update on the new book whose title is … hehe not yet 🙂
I’ve been busy, really quite busy trying to get it as best I can. I now have all the poems in that I want in and I’m taking a cheesecake and coffee break from writing the first of a set of two sonnets and I’ve found the thing with sonnets is they take away my freedom to just release.
However, having said that, sonnet one I think has something but that’s just me, I do tend to like what I write or most of it anyway, for all I know though it could be a load of tosh! 🙁 I wrote a sonnet years and years ago and that was really bad, I had another go a couple of years back and it sort of worked but again terrible. I’ve been studying sonnets today and frying my brain so hopefully all will be well.
I also have the cover design sorted with the help of Photoshop, not that I know how to use the damn frustrating thing but I like the result and it is rather abstract which is what I wanted.
Right, where’s that cheesecake and coffee 👍😁

I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

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