New Edition

After a year of my poetry book being published, I found a handful of poems which needed a little editing. With this now completed and with a change of the copyright page and an update of the bio, After the Rain is now published as a New Edition and is available to buy from my Author Page here for £8.00 and for this you get over 100 poems and a piece of prose.

Thank you all


12 thoughts on “New Edition

    1. Yes it’s available through Amazon, but not for a few weeks as I’m waiting for the distribution process to be updated. Lulu is my self-publisher and it’s much the same ordering process I’d imagine as I have my dedicated page for all my books and this is where the link will take you.

      Thanks, Betty

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        1. The original edition is on Amazon but I’m trying to remove it but it’s like walking in quicksand. I am thinking of not having it on Amazon at all as I’m not keen on their practices.


            1. The best way at the moment is either through the Lulu link above or from me (once I’ve bought my copies). I have a paypal account if this helps.


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