Love life, always

how precious is life
take each second and squeeze every moment
into a smile

Love life

Today something happened, something most unexpected.

I had a nasty headache (self-inflicted from too much Southern Comfort last night) and so I cancelled my appointment at the opticians and made a new one for next week. I needed to go for a walk as the tablets weren’t working so I thought about walking along the canal for peace and quiet, but then at the last minute once out the door I changed my mind and decided to go to the local park and sit and write and relax.

I reached the park and for some reason I strolled to the boating lake. I saw a bench and sat and thought and watched the ducks scramble out of the water followed by their little ducklings, some came up to me as if waiting for food but I had nothing for them so they waddled a little way off.

Now here is the unexpected event, something one can not ever plan for or even imagine happening but it did and I was there.

A child of 4 or 5 years old came running down the little slope to the ducks, he picked up a twig and lobbed it at the duck but of course he missed… he overstretched and fell in, and was gone under the water… I was up and for a tiny moment I didn’t know what to do, and then he surfaced and cried out, I stretched for him but our fingers were so close, I just couldn’t reach… I think he went under again and then he reached the wooden barrier and clung onto this for dear life. I waded in and the water came up to my chest till we met and somehow the next moment we were both on the pathway, drenched and cold.

His Grandma (I think) came after him and seeing how he was she clung to him and thanked me. I collected my coat and went back to them, I held his hand but he wanted his mother. I walked off home and turned to see them vanish behind a hedge but not before I waved and he waved back.

Was I there for this reason, did the universe put me there at that moment… who knows but I’m thankful I was there to save him because there was no one around and he would have almost surely died as the water was very cold and deep.

I wasn’t going to write this but I can’t get it out of my thoughts and my friend said I should write it out and I agreed as this is what I normally do with my poetry when something is on my mind.

So, there you have it, my unexpected but wonderful day.

Love life… always x

19 thoughts on “Love life, always

  1. I believe things happen for a reason, Martin, so I think you were meant to be there for that little boy’s sake. What a feeling to have saved his life and thinking about what could have happened if you hadn’t decided on that park…happy endings are wonderful, no doubt. I’m glad you’re okay, too!


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