The crow dawn dance

As mist escapes the clutches of the night
feeling its way through branches of time
see how it comes alive
to the sound of the crow dawn dance

Oh listen to the cawing
as they burst through the mist
see their swirls of song erupt
in magnificent trails of flight

Listen to them now
shaking the dew from their wings
as they dance the crow dawn dance
wingtip stroking wingtip

Oh the noise
the beautiful noise
as they soar above treetops
with their voices scratching away morning chill

The sound of the crow dawn dance
echoes in the distance
fading like the mist

Oh they’ll be back tomorrow

Included in my book, ‘After the Rain’, 2017

Available from My Author Page at

16 thoughts on “The crow dawn dance

  1. I love this, Martin – it’s so wonderfully evocative and appreciative of these often-maligned birds, who deserve our respect! Strangely, we don’t have crows around our place (although they do hang out 2 km down the road, at the beach). But we do have their big cousins, ravens – and they are also extremely talkative. The morning dance you describe seems very apt – thank you!


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