The Darkness

Terror and fright
creatures of the night.

The Darkness.

Nightfall waits for this albino of death
***who slumbers without a living breath
******her white skin and bone
*********glow in the darkness like foam
************while she waits for one
***************to feed upon.

Her stone cold tomb
she calls her home.

Within the Darkness.

Homeward you will with the wind dead still,
***but the darkness frees the breath of the trees
******that sway and roll and wake with a howl
*********the lady that lies with bloodless eyes.

Wooden fingers creak
in the forest of bleak.

Stirring, in the Darkness.

Bleakly you tread as the cold hand of dread
***creeps along your skin as the castle of ruin
******appears on your left with the moon doing its best
*********to break through the shroud of darkness and cloud.

Step up your pace
she’ll give you a race.

Wild whisperings, in the Darkness.

Racing along with the wind in your hair
***she swoops and she dives without a care
******this way and that way you dodge and you duck
*********she’s on your tail she’s catching you up
************run for your life while there’s blood in your veins
***************or she’ll have you and kiss you and drive you insane.

In the Darkness.

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