Pearl in a dust-bin

Sometimes I think my mind is on another planet, or even another dimension where it’s writing with gusto leaving me blank and pallid so I apologise for my silence lately. The feelings I have to be able to write just aren’t around and I’m not going to force the words to appear.

However, I have been reading quite a bit and as you can see on the right there I am currently reading the huge four volume A Short History of the English People by John Richard Green. I’m about three quarters through volume 2 and Queen Elizabeth is on the throne being pestered by Queen Mary of Scots. I’m also reading Sir Walter Scott’s Lay of the Last Minstrel.

Previous to this I read a wonderful book by Marie Corelli called The Sorrows of Satan and if you get a chance I recommend it. Here are two quotes from the many excellent examples of her writing in the book.

…Be sure that if you are unhappily celebrated for either beauty, wit, intellect, or all three together, halfsociety wishes you dead already, and the other half tries to make you as wretched as possible while you are alive…

…To be missed at all when you die, some one must love you very deeply and unselfishly; and deep unselfish love is rarer to find among mortals than a pearl in a dust-bin…

I hope to be back soon with poems.

Happy Sunday and thanks for visiting 🙂

The sanctuary of self

How little we understand.

How small is this time
yet how infinite
are the finite moments in which we exist.

There are reasons of course
why we are so slow
as there there are reasons
why the things around us, dance with fury.

How little we sense.

This place, this unstopable storm
this attitude of life
exists in each raindrop –
that safe place from the vulnerable silences

… how little we embrace
the sanctuary of self.


with soul on fire
with tired desire
to burn and bleed with solid need
risen and rising
and yet hold back
lest the cracks open hard
cutting the cords
without reward

Changing times

My laptop is working again, but I’m not sure how long it’ll last so at some point I’ll need to buy a new one.

Apart from the laptop being busted I think I have been too. I know I’ve done this before but I’m doing it again and deleting my social media accounts. Facebook went in January and today I’m deleting my Twitter and Instagram accounts.

I don’t spend much time interacting on those platforms apart from the occasional poem on Twitter and uploading photos of what I’m reading or just general stuff including some of my writings to Instagram. I spend more time scrolling life away and not connecting with folk as I’m not all that good with the social side of things so it’s time for them to go.

This of course means I’ll have more time to spend here on WordPress, or at least that’s the plan.

Thanks for your continued support.


to wash away the world

float away on a skin of solitude
bring about the destruction of time
and let that pestilent silence
wash away the world

To begin
is so very difficult
when this soul
this rhapsody of light
yearns to breathe

If you would speak
I’d be sure to listen
yet all I feel
are not the vibrations of your tongue
but the silence of your heart